If you’re ready to detox hidden beliefs that block your abundance & want to learn the magic of manifesting money in a soulful way, so that you can create the life and business you dream of, then this challenge is for you.

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The worst hate comment I ever received in 6 years of business, was about money...

Three years ago, I received one of the most hateful comments I had ever received on social media.  The comment was left on a Facebook ad that I had placed for a program designed to help soul-centered creatives & changemakers make more money while serving the world with their unique gifts.

Feeling the initial sting of such a mean comment, I wanted to defend myself.  My entire business reputation had been built on the fact that I valued integrity, honesty & authenticity. I had helped thousands of soul-centered women create lives and businesses that not only made money but made meaningful impact in the world. How could she have gotten me so wrong?

I clicked onto her profile to find out what kind of person would say such a mean thing on the ad of a person they didn’t even know. And I was shocked!

She was a yoga teacher and her profile was full of beautiful spiritual quotes about love and oneness. And then, as I scrolled down her feed, I noticed a few posts about her experiencing a lack of money and abundance in her life and not being able to make a living doing what she loved… it all suddenly clicked for me.

That’s when the meanest comment I ever received,
turned into the greatest gift of insight I ever received!

Many ambitious, soul-centered, creative changemakers and business owners often are faced with a conundrum. You’ve got an internal “bs” detector that can sense when anything doesn’t have good intentions behind it and you’re driven to make the world a better place and truly inspire people with your unique soul gifts. You’re done doing things the old way, where people used manipulation, dishonesty and pushing on people’s fears to make money.

But along with being a soul centered person,
comes a whole host of weird beliefs
we’ve subconsciously learned about money,
prosperity and success that often subconsciously
block us from receiving more abundance.

So often I see amazingly, brilliant, talented, soul-driven women (or men) like you with such a beautiful offering that can create change in the world:

  • not making the money you desire to create the life you always dream of
  • undercutting the value of your work & struggling to feel confident charging prices that reflect that value you offer
  • subconsciously sabotaging opportunities for wealth because you’ve been taught money is “the root of all evil”, “only for greedy people with no soul”, or “not something you ask for when you’re helping people”.

And this is a huge problem because you can’t serve the world with the best from your heart and you can’t create meaningful impact in the world when your energy is constantly being zapped worrying about money, stuck in a feast or famine cycle, you aren’t feeling prosperous and abundant yourself or you’ve made a lot of money but it doesn’t feel good.

In fact, if there’s anyone the world
NEEDS to be wealthy, it’s YOU—
you who are part of the people who actually want to use their wealth & prosperity to create more good stuff in the world

Do you get it?

The truth is…

Money is not evil. It’s not soulless.
Making money and changing the world are not two separate things.

The TRUE spirit of money has at its core, love.
Money is actually an energy with a very high vibration. It holds the energy of prosperity, which is defined in the dictionary as “a thriving & flourishing condition”. If we align our vibration with its vibration we can attract it with alignment and ease.

And in truth, wealth, prosperity—they are your natural state, your birthright.
The Universe wants you to be wealthy. (whatever soul-aligned wealth means to you). Just look around at nature—it is so abundant, that is the natural state of the world and YOU are a part of the world.

Abundance is your natural state.

It’s time to revolutionize the way we look at money. The complicated, twisted relationship we have with it. It’s time to detox the hidden beliefs and money blocks that prevent us from making more of it or from making it in a way that doesn’t feel aligned with our souls.

And it’s time for you to be a powerful change agent in the world and truly create the freedom you desire not just for yourself, but for others, by changing your relationship with money at a soul-deep, cellular level

This training is for you if:

  • you’re a motivated, ambitious, soul centered changemaker just starting business or at the beginning of your business and you want to create prosperity in a soul aligned way
  • you already have a business, have had success with it and made great money...but you’re seeking to make money in a way that nourishes your soul and feels deep-down-to-your-soul good.
  • you don’t have your own business but you’ve always had a deep calling to help others and want to shift your money mindset so that you can create more freedom & prosperity in your life or career.

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