An intimate retreat adventure for successful, soul-driven women
who are ready to recalibrate and re-align
so they can step into their next level of sacred leadership.

Soul Adventures is a series of two curated adventure experiences in sacred locations around the earth. Designed to take you on a powerful journey through the beautiful landscapes of the earth and your soul. Each experience is created to reconnect you with yourself and the power you hold within.

There are no workshops. No sitting in front of flipcharts all day long while you get just a few hours to explore the location. There are no more techniques and methods given to add to your to do list.

As successful, busy women, when we reach a plateau or a state of dissatisfaction in our lives, the temptation can be to try to find another technique, workshop, or book to help us re-calibrate.

But the truth is, you don’t need these things. What you actually need is SPACE. You need to get away from the busyness of your life that sucks you back in and instead get away to a place where you can hear your Soul.

Put down the books, the time management programs, and the meditations.
Come on an adventure that will change you at a soul level and get you connected to the passionate, creative, world-changer that you were truly called here to be.

Come on one adventure or come on both.

Gretchen Kehan

Going on a Soul Adventure opened me up to the channels of creativity, intuition and sisterhood that I had quietly been desiring under the surface of my daily life. Getting out of my routine and surroundings during an intensely busy and stressful time period in my life was the medicine my soul knew I needed. When I signed up for the Soul Adventure I wasn’t exactly sure why I needed to go, I just felt the strong pull to get myself there. I am deeply grateful as it was an EPIC adventure. Lisa is a phenomenal soulful adventure guide. We stayed in the most beautiful and unique places and Lisa lovingly curated a divine experience which allowed me to open up to the magic of life. You will not be disappointed by anything Lisa creates and leads. If you feel called to attend, do it. You will not return the same.

Gretchen Kehan Transformational Coach for Women

Now let’s begin our journey to each of the 2 sacred locations for 2017

Our first stop is Southern France, where we will explore the original spark of our childlike wonder and our creativity and dive deeply into the sacred feminine within.

The theme of our Soul Adventure through Southern France is reconnecting to the divine feminine within, re-igniting self love and releasing the inner creatrix and muse within.

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Here we will indulge in beauty, delight and play together as we travel through the French countryside.

We’ll stop at picturesque little towns along the way, wander through narrow streets with buildings covered in green moss overlooking the mountains, bathe in the Fountain of Love hot springs, explore magical castles full of secrets, run through endless rows of flowers and lavender fields where we will stop and picnic and finally, end our trip with a sacred and powerful pilgrimage to the cave built into a mountainside, where Mary Magdalene was said to have retreated and lived for 30 years.

Cristina Laskar

If you are looking for an adventurous, soul nourishing retreat, this is it. Close sisterhood, exploration and epic expansion are what you can expect. We shared laughter and some tears together too. Lisa’s incredible wisdom, knowledge and preparation makes this trip EPIC on so many levels!

Cristina Laskar Founder of

Our final Soul Adventure is In Greece… where we will explore the goddess archetype of Athena. Athena calls us to balance the feminine and the masculine within. To learn how to trust and surrender, while taking aligned action. How can we be courageous and bold in our work in the world, without burning out or becoming unbalanced? How can we stay in action while being powerfully aligned with ease? These are the energetic inquiries we ask the land to inform us of on this journey.

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We’ll begin our journey by meeting in Athens, where we will check into a gorgeous, cozy apartment with a full view of the Acropolis, in Athens. After settling in, we’ll take a special tour of the Acropolis, with a particular focus on the Temple of Athena. This site is a powerful energy vortex so we’ll do a casual photo shoot in front of the Temple of Athena (bring your best goddess dress!) This is access that most tourists do not get!

After soaking in the wisdom of ancient civilizations with a few more surprise, top-secret spots, we’ll have a delicious, lively dinner and settle in early for the night. The next morning we depart for the famous, luscious Santorini, the subject of many gorgeous postcards and dreams. Here we will stay in a famous house on the cliffs overlooking the oceans. We’ll enjoy day adventures to ancient cities, small towns with fountains that have secret healing powers and more, ending each day with world-renowned Santorini sunsets and leisurely, relaxed meals with fresh food picked straight from the ocean or garden. Feel yourself aligning with ease as you take a boat ride around the gorgeous Oia peninsula and connect with freedom on a soul level.

Only 8 spots available for the Greece Soul Adventure™

Investment Details


Pay in full: $3300 (before 1/31) or $3500 (after 1/31)
Payment plan: 3 payments of $1167 (before 1/31) or 3 payments of $1237 (after 1/31)


Pay in full: Only $6600 (save $400, before 1/31) or $6800 (save $200, after 1/31)
Payment plan: 4 payments of $1700 (before 1/31) or 4 payments of $1750 (after 1/31)
Bonus: Receive a free 40 minute 1:1 coaching session (valued at $697) with me when you sign up for both retreats

What is Included:

Your Soul Adventure™ investment includes:

  • shared accommodations in lovely airbnb houses, hotels and/or high-end hostels. This is an adventure, so accommodations are designed and curated to give you that simple luxury feel
  • Select group activities (optional activities will be indicated on every trip)
  • One group dinner
  • Car rental for group while road-tripping through each country
  • VIP Concierge who will assist you with booking travel and all questions
  • FB Forum for connecting with fellow Soul Travelers going to your particular adventure
  • Magic and miracles (that always happen during our trips)

* All other meals, activities and transportation are not included.

What You Get:

  • An expertly planned, exquisite adventure like NO OTHER to sacred places in the earth, designed to create deep soul shifts and open you up to more joy and more freedom than ever before
  • An expert coach, priestess and co-adventurer to travel alongside with you (me!)
  • An amazing group of people to grow close with & share the magic of the experience
  • A private forum on Facebook to get excited about your upcoming trip
  • Your own VIP Concierge to help you arrange your plane tickets and all other info
  • If you sign up for 2 or 3 retreats, private time with me in a 1:1 session
  • One of the most amazing adventures of your life

This Is For You If:

  • You love to explore new places, wander around and take trips that don’t follow all the touristy routes, but instead give you an authentic experience.
  • You are an adventurer and like to step out of your comfort zone and try new things.
  • You’re physically healthy, in relatively good shape and can walk or take hikes (you don’t have to be crazy fit, but you like to explore, be active and outdoors.)
  • You’re laid back and can go with the flow when plans change or misadventures happen.
  • You’re open minded and willing to try new experiences.
  • You love nature and are ready to have your soul filled to the brim with beauty & magic.
  • You do well with groups and can also enjoy time alone with yourself.
  • You enjoy contributing to soulful conversations.

This Is Not For You If:

  • You have unspoken expectations that need to be met.
  • You want a day-by-day schedule and do not enjoy letting go.
  • You need a tour guide or someone to look after you.
  • You don’t enjoy groups.
  • You do not like to step outside of your comfort zone or try new things.
  • You have a negative mindset or can be judgmental of others.
  • You expect to be workshopping day and night--these are experiential adventures, where the experiences create the soul shifts. Some light coaching may happen during conversations during meals and at night when we are all hanging out together in our accommodations, but this is an experience, not a workshop with powerpoint slides.

And now I have just one final question for you… where does your soul feel called?

Pick the adventure that most calls to you, or pick both!

If your soul is a yes, apply to the journey that calls to you, below.

Once we receive your application and approve it, we’ll hop on the phone for a quick chat to make sure it’s a good fit for both of us and get you signed up.

Welcome to Soul Adventures™, welcome to the adventure of your life.