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The guardian of the Gate of Belief stands here before you and asks that before you enter, you give up the crown of your beliefs. It carries all of the beliefs that you learned from birth about your relationship with the divine. Beliefs that taught you to mistrust your intuition and connection to divine wisdom.

At this gate we explore your core beliefs and how they unconsciously drive you to make ego-base decisions. We look at the belief structures you learned as a child which were not true to your authentic self. We detox and then open up this gate so you can finally connect with the true Soul Gifts that only you possess and that you were given to impact the world. To enter this gate you must be willing to question everything you’ve been taught so that you may walk through only with what is in alignment with your very soul. Get ready to open up your intuitive channel to the divine & release the core beliefs that cause you to unconsciously be out of alignment with your soul.

A powerful Seer stands as guardian of this gate -- She who sees all. With her all-seeing third eye, she looks right through you and demands that before you enter this gate, you release all that blocks your ability to clearly see the creative vision of your life. At this gate you release what you think you “know” about who you are. You lay down the masks, the identities, to which your ego is attached. You learn to differentiate between your Soul and your Ego. When you learn to do this, you stop self sabotaging unconsciously and you can begin to create a vision & action steps that are aligned with your soul. At this gate we detox confusion, lack of clarity and blockages in the third eye. We open up your third eye seeing and tap into a powerful, creative and soul-driven vision for your life and work.

At this gate stands a fierce guardian with the sword of Truth in her hand. She cuts through illusion and reveals only what is authentic to you. At this gate you will connect to your Soul’s truth and speak it as a powerful act of creation in the world. You will release the ways in which you hold back your voice and expression. You will discern what is your true voice vs. the voice you learned to mimic to be more “lovable” and acceptable to others. You will detox the ways you bend, twist & betray your truth. And you’ll eliminate the ways in which your truth is silent in your current work and life.

At this gate you will connect to your true, unique voice and begin the process of becoming a powerful manifestor in the world. There’s a reason why Jay Z said “I believe you can speak things into existence.” Because the act of speaking your truth is the beginning of becoming a powerful manifestor. Here you will begin to speak a clear vision into existence and unleash the winds of manifestation to create what is aligned with your soul in your work and life.

The guardian at this gate holds a large pink quartz sphere in her hand. She asks you to put one hand on your heart and release all the ways in which you conditionally love yourself when you restrict your deepest desires. She asks you to release the subtle ways in which you ignore your self-care in favor of other things that do not feed your soul. The ways in which you criticize and judge yourself or others. Here you will examine and release co-dependence, jealousy, comparison to and competitiveness with others. These things obscure the voice of your soul because they direct your attention outwards, instead of inwards towards your Desire. At this gate we look at where we restrict our deepest desires and discern what is true Desire vs. ego desire. When we are led by true Desire, we are being led by the GPS of our soul, so this distinction is an important one. Here you will heal and open up the heart to discover the unconditional love that you are, so that you can hear the guidance of your soul more clearly and move forward into aligned action.

We reach this gate to meet a guardian cupping a fierce fiery flame in her palms. At the third gate we explore what true power feels and looks like in our life. We reclaim our sovereignty. The guardian at this gate says “my love, you do not need to own your power or step into your power, because you simply are power.” Sovereignty is the state of dominion over one’s self. A state in which, no matter what is happening in our lives or around us, we can stay in alignment with our Soul without getting knocked off our path. At this gate, you will redefine your relationship with your own power. You will detox where you push too hard and where you push too little. The ways in which you undercut your power and as a result do not show up as powerfully in your life & great work. You will rebalance your power, so that you can take aligned, bold & confident action steps that maximize your abundance in the most efficient, effortless ways. At the end of this gate you are like a divine magnet, attracting that which is aligned into your life and work through powerful, aligned, forward-moving actions.

As you come upon this gate, there is a guardian protecting a large waterfall. A waterfall of endless creativity, deep emotions and sensuality. She extends her staff to you and says, “are you willing to accept that your Pleasure is sacred? Are you willing to open up to the endless abundance that Pleasure offers you?”

At this gate you will learn to differentiate between actual Desire and counterfeit desire, so that you can make decisions that guide you closer to your Soul and your purpose, instead of easily getting distracted. Here you will examine your addictions and your attachments that hold you back. You will examine shame over your sexuality and sensuality. You will learn how to unleash your unique sensual power to manifest powerful abundance. Here we learn how to set powerful, aligned boundaries that create more room for you to be guided by your sacred pleasure. You will leave this gate aligned with the divine flow of life and become a powerful attractor of that which you truly Desire.

We arrive at the final gate of your Soul to find a guardian holding the ancient roots of a tree. Before you can enter the final gate, she opens her mouth and says “Behold, the gate of your true nature. Are you willing to accept that you belong and are an important part of the Universe? Are you willing to root yourself in this earth and become a sacred contributor to our world through your great work?”

At this gate you will be guided into remember Who You Really Are. You will connect with a deep acceptance of your being, rooting yourself as a child of this Universe, into this earth. You will begin to feel like you belong here and that you are WORTHY of your desires. You will look at what it means to fall back into the arms of Trust and know that you are always, always supported. You will leave this gate grounded deeply into the earth & your body. You will connect confidently to your Soul Voice and root into deep self-acceptance. You leave this gate being firmly rooted in the abundance that is available to us all and that can be called up at will if you believe in yourself, fully. You will hear the voice of your Soul more clearly than ever before and follow her guidance without fear or self-sabotage.

How We Will Descend & What Is Included In This Journey of Descent:

  • 7 pre-recorded training modules (audio) for each gate beginning in June.
  • 7 live coaching calls to go deeper into what comes up for you as you do the soulwork at each gate.
  • SoulWork worksheets for each gate.
  • Private forum/sanctuary on Facebook to commune with your fellow soul-seekers in the program and get support from our community in between calls.
  • Each initiate (participant) will receive a sacred stone, made from the oldest and rarest material on earth. It is said to carry the memories of the earth from its conception and is very powerful for doing this kind of deep soul work that descends within the energy system of the body. It is attuned to the descent we will be taking to assist you in your journey and will keep you grounded.
  • BONUS: First 10 participants to pay in full during Lisa’s Live Stream receive a 10 minute customized and pre-recorded intuitive video reading from Lisa.