Before I began the 7 Soul Gates program, I was coming out of a deep and difficult passage -- I struggled with feeling embarrassed that I was struggling financially and much less directed in my work. I was feeling shame about where I was and was lacking in confidence. These things got in the way of growing into a better version of myself.

What drew me to the program is that Lisa focuses on soul growth over the F'n 6 figure income bullshit. The first gate and the fourth gate of the program were essential for me to flip beliefs that were limiting me and helped me build more love for myself and more belief in my own talents and abilities.

As a result I’ve found that this internal shift has led to more paid work and more confidence. I feel more excitement for the future.

Overall, because of this program, I feel like I stepped into a new "ring" to play in -- I have felt so blessed following the rhythm of this program and using the work to move forward.

During one of the coaching calls I was asked to talk to my soul about being done with poverty. I dug in and found that my soul already had the answer -- that I was safe... within two weeks I had lined up a new version of my work.

What is unique about this program is how simple it is to follow, yet that simplicity is combined with deeply impactful assignments.

If you feel called to open up to your soul, to deepening your knowing of your unique purpose in your now life -- then say yes to this program. It’s a multi-leveled intelligent approach to taking important steps on your soul path.

Everything we do moves us forward in one way or another, but this support system will help you bypass your old patterns and step into what you are actually wanting.

Marika Tomkins, Holistic Wellness Coach

Before I started the 7 Soul Gates program I was stuck in a lot of areas in my life -- clarity on my purpose, feeling fulfilled in my every day, having healthy boundaries, being able to show up fully as my authentic self and so much more. I was craving a program that would take me on a journey of deep self exploration. I had already done so much soul work on my own but I knew that to get to the next level, I needed someone to guide me through and I was craving community -- a place where I could share and get support. For a long time I had been wanting to start my own business and just before I joined the program I finally launched my website and began the process of building a business. But I still didn't really have a vision for what it was going to be. I had no idea what my spiritual gifts were or what exactly it was I wanted to create in my life.

I was also struggling in my relationship. Not because of anything my partner was doing but because I was afraid to show up fully, afraid to open my heart. I was stagnant in my corporate job and losing interest, FAST. And although I had done a lot of spiritual work on my own and had grown in that a lot, I wanted MORE. I felt like there was a depth that I wasn't quite able to reach.

I was a SOUL YES from the instant the program landed in my inbox. It was the deep dive I wanted and the community I wanted. I had participated in Lisa's Money Alchemy Retreat which had helped me shift so much in regards to abundance in just one weekend that I knew doing a whole program with her would be absolutely life changing. The 7 Soul Gates was like nothing I had seen before and everything inside me said DO IT!

Each Gate has it's own gems and they all build upon each other... I think the most important part of the whole program was saying yes to it. Doing that, following my Soul's call to do this program instantly started a chain reaction of growth and expansion beyond my wildest expectations. I had never done a program like this, I had never followed my Soul in this kind of way before. It was going to be a commitment of finances, time and energy unlike anything I've ever done in my personal life. Taking that step, telling myself that -- yes, I'm worth this, I deserve this -- that's where it all started.

Now that I’ve gone through the 7 Soul Gates, sometimes I catch myself in the mirror or hear myself saying something or catch myself in the middle of doing something and I think "holy crap, this is me!" I'm a new version of myself. I'm this woman I used to see in my dreams but didn't know how to be. All of my relationships have shifted. I have deepened connections with my friends and family -- really good juicy delicious kinds of close relationships. Not because those people changed, but because I changed.

My heart is wide open now, I'm showing up totally as my true self in everything I do. I also learned to step away from relationships that were not serving me. I've learned how to stand strong within my boundaries and the most amazing part of that is that the people who truly love me have risen up to met me. I've seen it ripple into their lives as well. Those close to me are growing and expanding too.

My relationship with my partner is now epic -- like big screen love story epic. The in and out daily parts of living are richer and full of more love and connection. Our intimate life -- the future planning and the physical part (yeah that part) is fulfilling in all the ways I always wanted but never thought could be. I've learned the more I share of myself, the better it gets, and the more I'm met love.

My capacity for love, empathy and understanding has grown exponentially. I literally find myself being thankful on a daily basis for all the amazing relationships in my life when before I had so often felt isolated and alone.

I have a renewed sense of excitement in my corporate job and out of nowhere, my career path is taking me exactly in the direction I'd like to go. I haven't done anything all that different other than showing up in my power and my truth and all these opportunities are suddenly opening up for me.

I've healed so much of my painful past. I have been through therapy and have done a lot of personal development work but the 7 Soul Gates has helped me heal on a much deeper level. It feels like each gate we walk through I shed more and more of my past -- the negative beliefs, the old wounds, the limiting thoughts. It's like being on a road trip and at every gate I pull over and leave one more suitcase behind. I feel lighter.

I have more clarity now around my purpose and what my talents and gifts are. Another big win for me is being able to speak my truth. I used to hold my tongue a lot when it came to my feelings and opinions. I was always worried about being judged, pushing people away or saying something that would make people not like me. Now I can sit and have a heart to heart without those fears. The exact opposite of my fears has happened -- being me, fully me has paved the way for things in my life shifting to where I wanted them to be.

Something I will be forever grateful to this program for is the deepening of my spiritual connection to All that Is. My spiritual life is no longer separate from all the other parts of my life. It flows through everything I do. I have really good daily self care practices that fuel my soul. I feel wrapped in unconditional love and supported by the Universe. That's not to say I don't have tough days, those still definitely happen. But now I have this never ending resource of love and support that I can tap. It's like having a dedicated phone line to my higher power and I can ring it up at any moment -- and I do.

This program focuses on the Soul and teaches you how to tap into that inner wisdom in a really tangible way. It's not all vague and philosophical. It's the foundation work that everything else builds from. The homework is powerful in its simplicity. I'll start journaling on a question and I'll think I know what I'm going to write and something totally new comes up.

The forum - having a safe place to share my struggles and breakthroughs is key. It's no good to do all this work if I don't have people I can talk about it with and the other women in the program have SO MUCH wisdom to share. I learn so much from their sharing too. When Lisa or her community manager is coaching someone else either in the forum or on the call, I always walk away with something really powerful for my own life.

Lisa is all about empowering you to do the work. I love how she guides me to the answers that are within me instead of imposing something that comes from her. I've learned so much about the relationship between the ego and the Soul and how to tell when I'm in ego, when I'm over thinking, when I'm coming from a place of fear or lack.

I now know how to drop into my Soul, my place of knowing and get the answers that only I have. I was surprised to find that even when I think I'm struggling with one of the gates or even if I've fallen behind in the homework -- the work is still happening under the surface.

I really, really like this version of me, this person I'm growing into. I feel strong, confident, loving and open.

Someone once said to me "You never regret a work-out.” It's so simple and so true. Someone else once said to me, “the hardest part is just getting started." If you're on the fence about this program put those two sentences together. You'll never regret gifting yourself this program. Some of the work might ask you to go deeper than you’ve been asked to go before, but it's so minimal compared to the rewards. I know that long after I've finished this program I'll still be reaping the rewards. This is not the kind of program that you just finish and that's it -- it's the kind of work that sticks with you for a lifetime, that kind that keeps unfurling and blossoming long after the work is "done.”

So many times I've envisioned going back in time to visit the me that signed on for this program -- I want to hug her and thank her for doing this for me.

Sarah Graham
Deeper In Love, Deeper In Tune

Before I began The 7 Soul Gates program, I was scattered, lost and with no direction. Little did I know that what I was searching for (for help) was also searching for me. It ended up being this program. Prior to beginning, I was so stuck and did not know how to find my way out or find answers to help me progress on my path. Much of my past had left me weary. I had no idea what direction I wanted to go, who I really was or who I was intended to be. I had struggles around money. I always felt it was never enough and was stuck in lack. I also felt stuck in my business/career, as it just wasn't paying the bills. During the program, I realized that it wasn't the job or lack. It was me! I was allowing it! I was allowing it to be just what it was.

After this program, I am now confident, making decisions is a breeze, I feel lighter, I've actually lost weight during the process (she did not put us on any diet by any means -- the weight fell off). I can speak confidently to people I just met, I am able to go out in public with no fear. My issues around money have healed. My business has picked up, out of the blue sales and bills are paid!

I know now that I am not my past and what came up for healing I knew just what to do in helping it heal and letting it go because of the exercises that the program provides. I have finally embraced the Goddess within and stand in my truths.

To be quite honest, this is the first program I have ever been in. It came to me in perfect timing! Lisa Fabrega is completely amazing and talented in her teachings! The program is built in a way that it really gets you to engage and really dig deep for your own answers and healing! I wouldn't have it any other way!

I highly suggest The 7 Soul Gates program to those who feel lost, can't seem to find direction, who can't find their path or purpose, or a need for healing in any aspect of your life and your past. This program is so perfectly worth it! Make that soul jump to join it, you will thank yourself a million times!

Because of this program I know now, what I was put on this earth to do! A whole new chapter in my life is opening up and I am ready for it!

In the beginning I was reluctant, I did not think I would have to money to do this program ever in my lifetime! But let me tell you, when you join the program with a soul "Yes," the money just comes in when you are living from your soul and not your ego. It is amazing! If you are tired of running in circles and going nowhere the 7 Soul Gates program will release all of that and you will feel like dancing anywhere at any given moment! Thank you Lisa! You rock soul sister!

Nancy Baumiller, Entrepreneur & Online Store owner

Early in 2016 I set a very strong intention to be a clear channel for deep wisdom. I wanted my life to be about more than just lifestyle marketing and promoting the newest thing to make money. I wanted to impact others in a very real way. I had been trying to build my online business, blogging and affiliate marketing, for over two years but it felt as though I was just spinning my wheels.

I kept plodding along, trying to push through in spite of the deep grief I was feeling over the death of my brother. I'd been working my way through depression, anxiety and grief for well over a year, and my health was declining.I was increasingly unable to follow conversations. I have a hard drive full of video and audio trainings and I wasn't able to focus for more than a few moments at a time. It felt like there was some unseen obstacle blocking my path.

I was making no progress despite my daily efforts. It felt like I was spinning my wheels trying desperately to make things happen. I was stuck not wanting to choose a new business path because I had so much invested financially and emotionally in doing my current work. Too foggy to move forward and too afraid to quit or change directions. I attended one of Lisa’s retreats and had a very visceral spiritual experience. I believed I was receiving and opening to be that “clear channel” …and then I began to deteriorate physically and mentally.

During the Soul Whispering Challenge I had this deep knowing that I was to be part of the 7 Soul Gates program, that this was my "next step. Descending through the 7 Soul Gates, sitting practice, one of the tools we use in the program, has become a refuge. It has really brought me peace and has helped me through some difficult times. I meditated before beginning the program but there is an added dimension having someone walk alongside in spirit.

This group creates a powerful dynamic for clarity and personal growth. I am much more grounded and centered. I have become very consistent in my daily practices. Clarity is increasing as I am learning to trust my own inner guidance. I was able to make the difficult decision to put my business on hold as I allow my Soul to show me the way.

The real win for me came in the area of my health. When I set my strong intention early in 2016 to be a clear channel for deep wisdom it did not occur to me that my body would need to detox. I expected a spiritual and emotional clearing but before I began the program I felt like my body was deteriorating. And then only days later after the program began and I began to learn to connect with my soul’s guidance more deeply, I followed my curiosity question after question and the answers started showing up one after another. It feels as though my Soul tailor made a treatment plan that is clearing my brain confusion and bringing back my health and stamina. I'm actually going to the gym again. I was able to complete an online training and certification program in the past week that just might be my next step in business. No more spinning my wheels.

Lisa is able to hold energetic space in a way that I'd never experienced before with any other mentor. Even apart from the coaching calls and the wisdom that is shared, I have trusted that she and the other participants are holding space that supports my personal journey and healing. It's very powerful and in some ways beyond words.

If your Soul is saying yes to joining the program then there are gifts waiting for you. It may not always be easy, superficial work but your Soul will show up and you will be supported in amazing ways. Having the group support is very valuable to doing this work and gives you a firm foundation for moving forward even beyond the program's end.

Jeanne Mills, Entrepreneur

Before I started the 7 Soul Gates program I wanted to hear my soul voice and learn how to differentiate it from my ego voice. I was feeling my soul´s call to step out and follow my deep heart desires but at the same time I was stuck and very confused thinking that maybe I was making all of it up. I felt drawn to the program because I knew I needed to dedicate deeper studies to looking at anything within me that may have been blocking me on fully following my life´s purpose. The structure of the program allows us to fully experience enough time to have a powerful release at each gate before continuing to the next. And it’s really nice to have that coaching call for each gate, in case anything comes up that you need support with as you’re working through each gate.

It´s really hard for me to decide which of the modules was my favorite because each one has its own magic. They just complement each other and build upon each other perfectly. I have noticed many breakthroughs and significant changes within my life. I feel more empowered than ever right now and like I have a deeper understanding of some of the concepts which this course teaches. I thought I understood these things before, but what I know now after being in this course is much deeper than what I thought I knew about the chakras and how they affect our life. I really appreciate the depth that Lisa goes to in the program.

My biggest breakthrough came in the unconditional love gate and the truth gate. I began setting healthy boundaries, taking care of myself first, speaking my truth and prioritizing my needs. This has brought so many blessings in my personal life!

What´s unique and special about 7 Soul Gates is that is not only do you learn but there are daily exercises and community. The community provides a sacred and safe place to share our challenges and growth. Even in the group calls by just listening to the journey others are on, there´s a lot to learn. My pleasant surprise was that along all the journey, as I connected with each gate, my life experiences were changing in a positive way. Even though there were challenges to face, I felt for the first time I had the tools to deal with them in a way where I could really show up for my own growth.

If your soul is telling you to take this journey, you will not regret it. This is a place of awakening knowledge that urges you to show up for yourself and do the work in order to really get to the next level of your life and purpose. I´m so grateful that I made the decision to join the program, overcoming any fears before registering. Thank you so much!

Angie Melina, Health & Wellness coach