A long time ago, the world taught you not to trust the voice of your Soul…

Taught you that you were broken and needed to be fixed. That the answers lay outside of you and perpetually dangled them in front of you so that you’d have to leave yourself over and over again in search of the truth. So that you’d stay small. So that you’d bury Her deep under your fears and the voices in your head that convinced you that you were not enough.

You learned to not be too powerful.
You learned to morph your being and expression into what others wanted in exchange for love.
You learned to not trust in the voice of your Soul and instead make your ego master.

But deep down inside, you’ve always heard Her, whispering to you.

She may be buried deep, but she is still there, lap laden with all of your deepest Desires. She might be barely a whisper after years of being made wrong, but she still holds the blueprint to the life you were called to live.

She is the seat of your power. She is your Authentic Essence. She is the one who channels divine guidance so that you can masterfully & confidently create the life and the leadership you know in your core you were put here to embody.

She is the Artist within, the powerful creator and manifestor of your most cherished visions. She is the many faces of the Goddess, in all her forms. She is the divine feminine and masculine in holy marriage, living within you.

She holds the wisdom of your longing.
She is here to help you birth that sacred thing that only you were put here to do in this world. She holds your unique gifts in her hands, gently, waiting for you to reclaim them.

She is the plan, the wisdom and the blueprint for your most aligned, joyful & impactful life.

She is your Soul.

And if you’re here, Sister or Brother, you know the time has come.
The time has come to finally come into full communion with your Soul.
The time has come for you to step into the power that you have always been.

For you to leave behind the fears that hold you back from your true calling on this planet,
And rise in the aligned, unique, and embodied leadership you were born for.

The time has come for you to remember who you really are.

And so, I invite you, dear Soul Driven One, to come on a journey with me as your initiatory guide. I stand here at the 7 Gates of your Soul with my staff, my robe, and my sword. I stand here with unconditional love and witnessing as I invite you into a descent.

A descent through the layers of all you were taught about yourself that is false.
A clearing of the Illusion.
A quest for Truth.
A journey to connect with the voice that holds your purpose -- the voice of your soul.

And it all starts with a free 7 day journey to reclaim the voice of your Soul, the Soul Whispering challenge.

The Soul Whispering Challenge is 7 days of soul inquiry to detox all that holds you back from hearing your soul. It will reveal to you all that obscures you from accessing the divine blueprint for your life. It will show you the path to reconnect with your Soul.

I won’t sugar coat it.
This is not work for the faint of heart or the quick-fixers.

This is a journey of devotion for truth-seekers and soul warriors only.
For those who are here to live their Truth, embodied.
Those who are called here to live and lead soul aligned and assist others with their soul’s work, their greatest calling.

If that is you, I invite you to step through the door and join me.

The Soul Whispering Challenge begins February 15.